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Cheap Skip Bins Australia

At our aim is to find the cheapest skip bin hire available in your area. We have a huge database of all the skip bin companies and can apply a search, so you get the skip bin you need at the cheapest price possible. We consider ourselves the experts in providing budget bins for all your waste removal needs.

When looking into skip hire and waste removal, we found that there were many differences in the skip bins. A big part of this was that companies often charge based on what waste they collect and how far they need to travel. So, it makes sense that to get the cheapest prices on skip bins for hire you get all of this data and match it to your address. 

A skip can be used for many different products, but some skip bin hire companies will target certain waste products. This can make it difficult to determine which company is going to provide the best customer service, and the cheapest skip bin hire cost.

You can contact us at to discover the cheapest skip hire for your residence. We specialise in getting you the cheapest skip bins available. Your waste doesn’t need to be a problem, and neither should be finding a suitable skip bin for your needs. 

By using our targeted skip hire tool, you can discover what company will give you the best deal for waste removal. All you need to do is put in your address, the type of waste you have and the dates you need the skip bin for, and we’ll organise the rest!

Skip Bin Hire

A skip bin for hire is usually a large container that you can rent or hire for the purposes of disposing of rubbish. Most of the time they’re delivered to your address and you can fill them with all your waste materials. You can get different sizes of skip bins, so it largely depends on how much rubbish you need to get rid of.

 It can be hard to tell how big you need a skip bin to be, and most often you’ll end up guessing. However, most bins are hired based on volume and these are usually measured in cubic metres. One cubic metre is a square 1m on all sides, and then 1m high. As a rough estimate many dining tables are around one cubic metre in size, if your waste fits into that area then that’s what size you need.

 When organising a skip hire, put some thought into how much you’ll actually need, and look for an equivalent size. We recommend you overestimate your size by at least a factor of one, so if you think you need a bin that is 2m3, you should book in a 3m3, it might cost a little more but at least you know you’ll be able to fit all your items in it. A single skip hire should be enough to load all your rubbish in otherwise you may need to pay for two trips. 

For budget bins that cater to all your waste needs we’ll get it sorted with a quality skip bin. You’ll never need to worry about your waste again.

Waste Disposal

The type of waste disposal you need can be decided by what rubbish you are planning on filling it with. Many skip bin hire companies will only deal with certain types of rubbish, and many cannot take hazardous waste. Rubbish that many companies will not take may include asbestos, old car batteries, paint tins and so on. If you need to dispose of any of these items, please get in contact and we’ll find a suitable skip bin hire company that can help.

If you are disposing of mostly recyclable waste, often your skip hire fees can be lower as the disposal of these items is cheaper. Think about what you’re going to put in the skip bin and consider if your items are going to be suitable for a recycling centre, this makes a difference for which company you go with.

Waste Management

Skip bins are great for general waste management. They are handy and you don’t usually need to do much beyond filling it and then calling for a removal. We would recommend that when you get your skip bin to fill it as soon as possible. This is because often other people see them as an opportunity to get rid of their own rubbish. 

Many skip bin companies are available for regular delivery and pick up. But most customers hire them for a short-term use, however if you’re renovating a property and need the bins available, you can try to negotiate a cheaper skip bin hire fee. It all comes down to how long you’ll need, and how often it needs to be picked up and replaced.

When you call us, we can get you in contact with the best skip bin hire company to suit your waste removal needs.

Cut Price Skips

When you hire a skip bin ideally, you’d like to get the best budget bins available. By using our service, we can provide you with the answer to the cheapest skip bin hire in your area. The way that skip bin hire companies set their prices can be determined by many factors, mostly this revolves around the time you need the bin for, how large the bin is, and the disposal fees associated with the bin.

 The more information we have the better idea we get for the type of bin and how much it will cost you. Other factors to be considered is the distance the company will need to travel to deliver your bin. For example, if you live in the western suburbs of Melbourne you wouldn’t have a skip bin delivered from a company if they operate in the south east suburbs. Our system will sort through all the companies and find the one that can give you the best price for your waste collection situation.

Skip Bin Delivery

Choosing a delivery window for your skip hire can make a huge difference to the cost. Many companies will charge less for weekday drop offs and pickups, although some may do the opposite, it all depends on the conditions they have set up, and what customer services they are offering.

 If a skip hire company mostly deals with businesses, usually they’ll choose to deliver Monday to Friday. If that doesn’t suit your needs, then there’s not really a reason to consider them despite how cheap they might be. We understand that a cheap price structure is not everything, it needs to also work with your schedule otherwise it can be a bit pointless. 

Green Waste

Green waste is the most common form of rubbish to be removed from a residential property. This is because it technically self-replicates over a certain amount of time. Having a once a year cleanout can be the perfect way to keep all your gardens under control. 

Finding a company that specialises in green waste skip bins can be hard as sometimes they may operate out of your area but are willing to travel further than other companies. This is great news for you, but it can make it difficult to find if you’re only relying on an internet search. By using you’ll be able to find and contact the companies that deal directly with green waste regardless of location constraints.

Call us to take care of your skip bin needs and we’ll give you one price point for your hire needs.

Rubbish Removal

Rubbish removal can be tough, it’s often expensive, but when you hire a skip bin it can remove one element, and that is time. Taking waste to a landfill yourself can often be just as expensive, especially if you consider all the costs associated with getting it there. A skip bin is usually the cheaper option, and the only work you need to do is load the skip once it has been delivered.

 When you have rubbish that needs to be removed from your property hiring a skip bin can be a cheap and convenient option, we call these our budget bins. can help in finding you the best deal. We have collected data on all the operators in your area and can select the best one for your circumstances.

 Contact us to get all your rubbish removal needs sorted out, we are your one contact for all skip bin and waste removal companies.

Customer Service

Our customer service is one of our strong points, we see every person and their needs as important. We’ll find suitable skip bin hire businesses that share our passion for delivering high levels of customer service. If you do encounter a company that does not provide exceptional customer service, please let us know and we will take action.

 We are here to work for you. Our desire is to see our customer finding suitable skip bin services and to see that they are happy with the level of service provided. When you hire a skip bin ideally you want it delivered on time, picked up when required and your waste removed responsibly. We are here to see that happen.

 Please feel free to call us and one of our team members to organise a suitable skip bin delivered to your premises. 



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Skip bin sizes are always expressed in cubic metres.

The following information should serve as a rough guide to help you estimate the size of skip bin that you require. The table below shows approximate equivalences of cubic metres to the well known sizes of a box trailer and wheelie bin.


2 cubic metre

3 cubic metre

4 cubic metre

6 cubic metre

Standard Trailer

2 x Box Trailer

3 x Box Trailer

4 x Box Trailer

6 x Box Trailer

Wheelie Bin

8 x 

12 x 

16 x 

24 x 

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